Signature Hand Therapy Lifestyle Tips

Lifestyle Tips

We live in the now society… fast everything, fast food, instant coffee, 8 minute abs, instant communication, touching hundreds of friends with one post on your twitter account.  While the latest technology has been an incredible improvement on the overall quality of life there are several life principles that still need to be adhered to for a healthy active lifestyle.  Unfortunately the next generation must recognize that exercise is putting the video games down and experiencing the outdoors.

Below are some simple healthy lifestyle suggestions that remain true in the Facebook era!

  1. Live a well-balanced diet.  Our Signature nutritionist can help develop a plan that is right for you.  Your lifestyle is about right choices and your diet can make you feel emotionally stronger.  Aim for a balanced diet that includes the main food groups.
  2. Develop good relationships, our relationships are part of who we are and how we feel. Think about your relationships with family, friends, your partner.  Do they have your best interests at heart?  Do you enjoy their company?  Are you happy with the way you act towards them?  Start to think about how you can improve your relationships, and then make little changes.  Little changes over a long time can make significant improvements.
  3. Stop complaining and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Make the pledge that you are not going to complain about anything…while it is perfectly ok to be frustrated, come up with a game plan to rectify the situation – yourself!  Avoid negative people at all costs…they only bring you down to their level.
  4. Exercise, even moderate exercise releases chemicals in your brain that lift your mood.  It will improve your sleep, have more energy and keep your heart healthy.  If you’re trying to reach a healthy weight, exercise will help you lose the pounds.  Choose an exercise that you enjoy. If it helps, do it with a friend or listen to music.  Aim for 30 minutes a day then build up to an hour.  The key is doing something EVERYDAY!
  5. Get enough sleep, around seven to eight hours is the average amount of sleep an adult needs for their body and mind to fully rest.  But this can vary.  Some people need less and some need more before they feel ready for the day.  Whatever the case, make sure that you make sleep a priority.  Some people find this very hard at certain times in their lives, for example, new parents and those working shifts.

Disclaimer: “This information presented in the pages of the Signature Hand Therapy is offered for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. You should consult with your personal physician/care giver regarding your own medical care.”