11 Nov Deconstructing the Nutrition Facts Label


There has been lots of chatter about food labels since First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled sweeping proposed changes to the little white box affixed to most grocery store products. The Food and Drug Administration has unveiled two potential designs which will highlight calories, added sugars and serving sizes.

When explaining the reason for the changes, the First Lady said that the current version is not that easy to use for the average consumer. “Unless you have a thesaurus, a calculator, a microscope or a degree in nutrition—you are out of luck.” It may take two or three years for consumers to see these changes in the store so here are five tips on how to get useful information from your current Nutrition Facts labels.

1. Start with the Serving Size
Once you have a clear sense of what the listed serving size, think about how much you might eat in one setting and change the rest of the numbers to determine the actual calorie and nutrient amounts you will ingest. View Full Article>>